Delay Flight Experience

Originally, I was suppose to take three flights consequentially. One from Taipei to Tokyo, Tokyo to Dallas, then Dallas to Pittsburg. The first flight was arranged by Japanese Airline (JL), the last two were arranged by American Airline (AA).

However, when I arrived Tokyo and about to get the tickets of AA flights, I was told by the airline agent that the flight from Tokyo to Dallas is delayed, and I wouldn’t be able to take the last fight on-time. So, she said that I will get a free hotel to stay and take the first flight on the second day in Dallas.

Without having much choice, I followed her suggestion, and took the delayed flight. However, it’s not the end of this story. When I arrived Dallas airport, the line to check-in was long and took me around 2 hours to finally get the luggage.

Then, when I about to find the American Airline service table to arrange the hotel, I found there’s not much instruction, and asking people became my only option. In the end, I found out AA uses the check-in table to handle the this kind of problem. And, the line was so long.

It took me around another 3 hours to finally talk to the agent. However, I was told that the rooms were full, and won’t be able to arrange one for me. Although they said that I can find one on my own, then they will pay the bill if I upload the receipt. How terrible is this idea? It doesn’t make sense for me to find a hotel in this late, and catch the flight early tomorrow. So, I decided to stay in the airport and wait for tomorrow’s flight.

Most interesting thing in this experience is that there are 5 agents at the beginning, but, only one stayed while others left their shift. People got mad seeing the agents leaving without caring the waiting passengers. They yelled at the leaving agents,”Oh? Good Night!”, “Should I take the shift?”, “Fantastic! Perfect!”, etc.

However, although this is unexpected, I still benefit a little bit from this experience. I cancelled my original hotel reservation so I saved the bill of it. And, I talked to people near by who shares the same situation. In the end, I hope everything will just be fine.

Originally published at, August 14, 2016.