Earn It Back

This summer, I am taking 15–513, “Introduction to Computer System”, remotely before arriving Pittsburgh. That’s mainly because that this course is prerequisite for many courses later on, so it’s suggested to be taken now by INI.

“If you’ve been to the bookstore, you should know our names”, said by one of the instructor. In this class, we are going to use the book written by the instructors as the textbook, which sounds like a good idea besides the book is being extremely expensive. It costs around 140USD if you brought online in the states.

And, in Taiwan, the only place I can find this book is a bookstore near Taipei Train Station, which is specialized in selling books in Computer Science or Programmings. It costs around 5000NTD to buy the book. After a long consideration and a short discussion with my father, I was convinced to buy the book in that bookstore.

The bookstore owner talked to me for a while seeing that I was buying the expensive book, “this one is expensive, are you sure about it? Do you need more time to consider?” “No, I am going to buy it now. It’s needed for one of the course I am taking now.” “Well, then study hard and earn the money back!”

Originally published at cmu.heron.me, May 19, 2016.