This post is originally published on cmu.heron.me; however, I’ve moved from there everything to here.

So, why I am writing this blog when I already have a tons of blogs? The answer is simple: because this is going to be different.

What I Already Have

My blogging life started around 2010, when I was a high school student. My Hacking Stuff is my first blog, and it’s about some fun stuffs I built in school club, ITRS. Naturally, as time goes by, I grew up and found the contents on this site are childish, which made me move on my next blog about programming and computer related topics, Heron’s Note.

Luckily, Heron’s Note has been doing well until now, and I consistently add new posts whenever I learn something new. The motivation behind it isn’t about the audiences, but myself, and this applies to all the other blogs I keep. At the time I write this post, there are already 183 posts on Heron’s Note, and few collaboration opportunities happened from the readers of Heron’s Note.

But, I still have different things want to write about, and Heron’s Note is not going to satisfy my need. Therefore, there is Heron’s Article for my articles with personal opinion covering education, programming, marketing, or any other interesting topics. And, there’s Magic Heron for some science articles on analyzing some daily science effects.

For interesting stories, I’ve also kept blogs about the experience abroad. Heron at Stanford is the blog about my days in the states for the first time, when I was at Stanford taking summer courses in 2011. Heron at CMU (exchange) is the blog I kept when I was an exchange student in my last year of undergraduate study. And, this blog had been reformatted into a book public online (link).

This is Going to Be Different

Yes, I found that there are still things I want to write, but they don’t fit into any existing blog I have so far. That is, I am going to write something different here which can’t be found in my other blogs.

I am going to write about studying abroad experience as a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. This will cover the application progress, the people I met, and things that I found interesting in school.

I am also going to write about some tech stuffs. In my previous CMU exchange blog, I avoided to write things that are related to my real studies, but I found that might somehow lose the value. Therefore, I won’t draw lines this time, and will include code or special terms directly.

I am going to and I have to write about the culture. The most important thing that I decided to study abroad is about the environment and the culture. I believe there are some part of me don’t fit well into Taiwanese culture, and I admire some American cultures instead. There are always something I can learn from American culture, but also something that I should stick to my original culture. Finally, all of these will be in this blog as well.

For Whom?

Again, I might be writing this blog for myself in order to keep my own thinkings. But, it might also be helpful for people who are interested in kwowing what it is like studying abroad. Or, this is just for my friends being interested in knowing how’s Heron doing now.

Originally published at cmu.heron.me, March 30, 2016.