Partners — Those Fighters

According to the study, there are 2.2K Taiwanese students (5.9% yearly decreasement) and 235K Mainland Chinese students (21% yearly increasement) in the states in 2013. As it can show, Taiwanese students have been decreasing their interests in studying in the state. Therefore, in our school, I found it hard to find partners to work on the school applications together. Most of the graduating students prefer to stay instead of seeking the opportunity abroad.

Luckily enough, I still found two friends last year from my undergraduate program, they are Anthony and Doopy. We created a chat group and synced things about the applications including the exam preparations, the school decision makings, and other planning. We met several times during this year, and share our final decisions these months. It’s happy to see that all of us got into the schools we applied eventually.

Yesterday, I met with other Taiwanese CMU incoming graduate students, and I found most of them are older than me. That is, most of the Taiwanese people may start to think about studying abroad after few years of work, and only few of us prefer to study abroad right after the graduation. Despite of these fact, I am looking forward to meet people from different backgrounds.

Originally published at, June 5, 2016.