What Do You Mean Building Something People Want?

This post is originally published on cmu.heron.me; however, I’ve moved from there everything to here.

“Building something people want” is the thing I always talk about, think about, and dream about. I know, it’s been a long journey for me working on it. But, unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go.

So, what do you mean building something people want? A new technology that save you 5 minutes in daily work? A creative method that you can chat with friends wherever you are? Or, a new 3D gaming experience that had never been in market?

No, no, no. None of them is the thing that really matters. What I mean building something people want is to save people from suffering. There are people all over the world suffering the real pain such as the lost of family members, the nightmare of mental problems, the incurable cancers, the poor, etc, and they are the ones we should truly care.

We should build things that connect people with their love ones. We should build things that help people stay away from the heartbreaking pains. We should build things that embrace our humanity.

Originally published at cmu.heron.me, April 5, 2016.